Episode #8: Digitally Diverse: Leanora Horne Software Product Delivery Manager at Bradken

January 25, 2023

Don’t miss our latest episode of Digitally Diverse series with our host Ellen Bennett and guest for this episode Leanora Horne, Software Product Delivery Manager at Bradken.Leanora is the ultimate career chameleon.

Her journey from starting as a TV presenter to now making waves in the corporate tech scene has been turbulent and full of speed bumps. However, this struggle ultimately led her to discover her true passion in entrepreneurship and digital product development.So, take a page out of Leanora’s book and embrace the mess – you never know where it might lead you. We hope you enjoy the episode!


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Time Stamps

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:45 Transitioning from TV into tech
  • 06:00 Leanora's role as Software Product Delivery Manager
  • 11:00 Projects are Bradken working on currently?
  • 14:30 Culture at Bradken?
  • 18:00 Advice for young people/women starting out in tech?
  • 26:50 Finding work life balance.
  • 35:00 Being open at work and becoming more collaborative.
  • 38:00 Resources Leanora recommends.
  • 38:00 Get in contact.